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Welcome to Sherwood Ridge Public School

Our school is welcoming and friendly, enjoying strong support from our community. With a deep commitment on educational excellence we ensure that the learning outcomes of all children are catered for through a shared vision and connectedness. Our Staff deliver high quality educational programs that challenge and inspire students.

Parents' Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses - see notes tab to left for a full copy
This guide is designed to help parents follow their child’s learning and includes updated information to reflect the new K-10 syllabuses for English, Mathematics, Science and History, which also include agreed Australian curriculum content.

10th Anniversary Celebration Pavers

You are invited to participate in this unique opportunity to have your name as a permanent part of our school.

Sherwood Ridge Public School invites you, your child or your family to become a permanent part of our school's history. If you decide to take advantage of our offer your paver will become a part of our "10th Anniversary Garden”, which will provide an enduring link between the past, present and future that includes the essential partnerships that make our school what it is - students, parents, school and community.

For as little as $40.00 your name or message will be engraved into a paver which will then be laid permanently in our "10th Anniversary Garden”.

Order forms can be collected from Sherwood Ridge Public School or downloaded from below:

Order Form 10th Anniversary Celebration Paver

 Offer closes 30th May, 2014


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Sherwood Ridge Public School
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